Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The new roommate...

And a lot has changed.  Still a dad, still married to my girlfriend, but we have added a new roommate.  This guy is a bit of a party animal....and by that I mean he doesn't sleep.  Well until recently and we went with the cry it out method.

But let me introduce you to 10 month old (almost) Davy!
This is what REAL chillaxin looks like

Davy was both June 5th, one day shy of the anniversary of D-Day.  HOWEVER he was born on the anniversary of Patton's famous speech, as paraphrased in the opening scene of the movie 'PATTON' which my eldest will need to watch soon.  Yes I am that big of a dork and I don't care who knows.

Davy's birth was something akin to a SAW franchise movie.  Everything seemed fine on the outside until he wanted to play a game with his umbilical cord.  The game he wanted to play was "Prolapsed cord", which means he wedged his noggin against the cord and pinched off the blood flow.  So I went from standing in a room with my wife and a pair of nurses at 4 in the morning, to standing by myself with our bags and random hospital gown pieces and chucks on the floor.

Well 23 minutes later Davy was let out....
Buuurrrppp!   Excuuuusee me!
I'd like to think he beat his way out using Mjolnir but in reality he was born via c-section.  Granted the wifey wanted to have a normal birth, but since there is little normal about our family, Davy did things his own way.  Through the wall....with a hammer.

So at first it was great, 2 little boys, one that couldn't move unless we moved him, and the other decided he wanted to potty train himself.  I know what you're thinking, and yes this is the same kid that was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks and has been now through 2 1/2 years old.....or 30 months old for you that calculate out age like that.  Weirdos.....

I laugh in your face because I could totally break out 
of this crib, because I'm the Davy-naut!
Now that the youngest is almost 10 months old he is mobile, and a fast crawler at that too!  Davy loves to chase his older brother around and "play", Joey looks at this as an attack and viciously fights back, which ends up with Davy either laughing as they fight, or crying because Joey just drop kicked him.  Our concern as parents, well my wife's more than mine, is Davy was born with a few skull plates misshapen and prematurely fused so his head still has some soft spots after surgery.

The situation is called Craniosynostosis, it can sometimes be fixed with a helmet, but because our kids go to the extreme, Davy needed full on reconstructive surgery....I know if you're like me you just thought of the 90s alternative band Bush because of an album of a similar name.  It's OK, turn up the Glycerine... glycerine... glycerine!

Don't let the cute fool you, that thing is as hard as a rock
and hurts the nose when swung like a weapon.

So for the first several months of his life Davy looked like a mini-Juggernaut just without the rest of the armor.   He got it off a few months ago, and aside from a slight dent on his head from where the plates fused and one was deformed, he looks normal.  And he has such a great disposition, even after the surgery and when having to wear a helmet he was a charmer.  He was ALWAYS smiling, laughing, and being a general ball of awesome sauce.

Always sunny in Davyville!  Even a day out of surgery and
looking like a chubby Asian baby.

These 2.
They will be best friends, otherwise mama and I will have sky high medical bills from all the fights.

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