Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Origins of the Tater

So in order to understand my humor and blog name you need to understand a little about me.  I have a big cranium, there is no denying that.  I have to wear a 8" fitted hat, which are hard to find as it is, but try finding a XXL racing helmet or flex-fit hat.

I decided to add this for emphasis:

So you're right now sitting there asking yourself, "Why all this talk of said large noggin and its relation to Tater's salad?"  The answer is simple yet complex.  Have you ever seen an Idaho potato?  Well apparently my noggin is shaped like it, no I am not deformed like Eric Stoltz character portrayal in the 1985 movie Mask (which is a great movie by the way), but it is said to be shaped like a large Idaho potato.  So the nickname amongst my car aficionados became Mr. Potato head, which regressed into Potato, and devolved into Tater.

So after getting married, and before, there were a few occasions where my wife had a chance to meet some of my old buddies and/or hear a phone conversation of me stating, "Hey ______ it's Tater."  So after getting married, like adding another ingredient to some chopped up taters, we started creating a salad.  Fast forward a few years and VOILA, a 3rd ingredient has been added, my son who we loving call Jojo.

So there you have it.  I went from a lone Tater to a full blown salad, complete with sweet and sour garnishes, typos, incorrect grammar and word usage at times, biting humor, slightly offensive stereotypes, and a avid admiration for puns and their usage.  I have decide to take all those traits and combine them on the interwebz, which may or may not be ready for them but we can only hope.  So enjoy as I share my thoughts, views, opinions, commentary or reflections on being a new dad (with more "ingredients" to come).

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