Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My baby looks like a....

We have all been there before, our kid makes a cute face and we blurt out, "Awww, they look like a ___-___!  So cute!"

In the case of my son it is cute, he makes this face when he is laying on my chest that makes him look like an Ewok.  But not an ugly Ewok, specifically the bad-to-the-bone Wicket Wystri Warrick.  A Ewok so legendary he appeared in several made for TV movies basically by himself.

Assassins Creed: Teddy Bears of Endor

Why is this such a cool revelation to me?  Well for a few reasons, Ewoks make some bodacious assassins.  I mean no one would suspect a real life Teddy Ruxpin to shoot an arrow through your heart 2 minutes into the Black Sabath tape you put in him (we all pulled that one before).

What you thought of.  
What I though of, only cooler.

But the really cool part is, and any kid that grew up in the 80's and 90's knows about this, but we as a family bootlegged on VHS by recording off the TV The Ewok Adventure; old car and Folger's commercials and all.  You know your parents did that too so stop judging.   But my brother and I watched that movie so many times that after a few years the tape itself wore out and literally broke in half.  I haven't seen the movie since but just found out that there is a copy on YouTube it seems....guy night soon.  I have many a fond memory of Wicket.

Why do I bring up that movie?  Because for some reason in Star Wars George Lucas felt that the Ewoks were nothing more than mini Wookies without the ability to do squat.  Literally, it was like watching the movie The Ringer where Chewie is thrown into the Special Olympics and everyone, Ewoks that is, envy him for his ability to do menial tasks.  At one point the Ewoks are beating an AT-ST with rock hammers, really Lucas?  These natural assassins on THEIR home territory that just captured the greatest frickin' Jedi Knight since Anakin can't take down a steel box on stilts?  Hopefully Disney won't butcher the Ewok name.

So as my son make his face I am reminded of the Gorax slaying Ewoks not the drunken Ruxpins of the Star Wars movie.  And that scares me.  I know behind those slate blue eyes, chubby cheeks, no eye brow large forehead and smirk lies a Death Star superlaser that is ready to destroy the next diaper that threatens to get in his way.  

So take some time when your child is making the cute faces and reminding you of something from your childhood, and when they are older show them what they reminded you of.  They will either laugh along and your bond as father and son/daughter will grow stronger or they will look at ways of putting you away as a loony because you thought they looked like Ludo, or even worse Jareth, from Labyrinth.

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